Lisbon calling

Taking advantage of living near an EasyJet hub I headed to Portugal’s capital for a few days in February 2017. Over a year has passed since then and while I do remember the trip, the details escape me. So I’ll just rely on my travel journal from back then (yes, a PAPER journal 😉 *gasp*) and give you a glimpse of Lisbon in winter: Continue reading “Lisbon calling”

Measure me this…

So….as someone born and raised in Germany, I was taught from a young age to aspire to the typical German traits – punctuality, discipline, being diligent, hard-working and logical.

And with the last of these characteristics is where I hit a wall in certain environments…namely:

Systems of measurements

For me, whatever is measured, usually follows the same logical divisions, whether it be distance, weight, volume, you name it. And the division is DECIMAL – 1000g in a kilogram, 1000 kilogram in a ton, 1000 tons in a megaton, and so on.

I mean, it`s even right there in the name….KILO, meaning one thousand of something.

But then I get to the US (or even just into the blogging world of long-distance hiking :P) and I am copletely thrown for a loop. Continue reading “Measure me this…”

Home is where….

…you feel most like your true self. That´s my definition at least.

Whether it`s a location, or a person that defines your idea of ‘home’, we all know the feeling. That warm, fuzzy relaxation…the ability to breathe freely and just…let go.

I think that it`s possible to have several homes. Those special places where you can just be yourself and that you yearn for when you`re not there.

For me, one of those places stretches from the Mexican to the Canadian borders with the US. Along ~2650miles this ribbon of dirt passes through some of the most beautiful wilderness you can imagine and offers the inclined individual to truly get away from everything. What is this magical place, you ask? Continue reading “Home is where….”