Zweitälersteig – Two-Valley-Trail in the Black Forest – Day 5

Schutterquelle – Waldkirch 21km

I woke up pretty refreshed and well rested at 6:30 and was actually surprised that I wasn’t extremely sore, after the day I pulled yesterday. I decided to take it easy today, I only had about 20km to do and most of that was going to be downhill.

I made use of the (not too terrible, but not great, hey at least it’s there) pit toilet and even took time to drink some morning tea and munch on a breakfast bar before heading out for the final day on this trail.
Walking today was as easy as anticipated, but it wouldn’t be an outdoorsy adventure if the trail didn’t throw one last curveball my way. This came out in the form of some pretty intense wind that I had to deal with all day. Aside from that, the trail today consisted mostly of gravel paths and pavement, so not exactly thrilling. if this had been the first day i really wouldn’t have been impressed with this long-distance path, but for the last day, I really couldn’t care less. A shower and some real food beckoned, so I made very good time.

There weren’t really any good water sources today, but I also didn’t need much, it being downhill easy walking. I ran out of water 4km before the finish line, but I just kept on walking and made it to my car by 1:30pm, completing the entire Zweitälersteig with a smile on my face. I really enjoyed the few days I got to spend outside, recalling previous backpacking adventures and still feeling like a badass hiker chick. What’s coming next? Well, we’ll just have to see about that, with the worldwide pandemic going on and the world seemingly going through some serious shit right now….

I’ll be keeping you posted…

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