PCT Day 47: In the bubble

Wednesday, 22 August 2018

Ramona Falls (545.8) – Timberline Lodge (555.7): 9.9 miles / 469.7 total miles walked

I woke up a few times, and pretty much just dozed from the moment Odie started stirring at 4 am. I tried bandaging my chafe with gorilla tape…..which honestly, did nothing. It was more uncomfortable trying to walk with that than it was just toughing it out and hoping for the best. When my alarm went off at 5 am I packed up and when I went to get water, who shows up but Odie?

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PCT Day 44: Let’s try and do this thing called hiking

Sunday, 19 August 2018

Cascade Locks (506) – Tentsite (514): 8 miles / 428 total miles walked

I woke up early, as usual and a bunch of feelings happened….anxiety, helplessness, hope, defiance. Is it a wise choice to start hiking again after only a week of rest? Can my ankle handle it? Am I strong enough? Is this possibly IT? Am I going to have to quit?

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PCT Day 38-43: Hiatus

Monday, 12 August – Saturday 18 August 2018

Cascade Locks: 0 miles / 420 total miles walked

It has been a strange week. Filled with more anxiety, but also more laughs than I can remember in a long time.

Sink took wonderful care of me, especially in the first two days when I really couldn’t do much except for elevating my ankle and medicating.

Our stay at the hotel was way too short lived, but filled with many movies, ice packs and fun.

We moved to a local Trail Angel’s house on Tuesday, where I commandeered the couch, and we were able to do some laundry.

OnePiece made it to town on Wednesday and we hung out and watched the Boondock Saints about three times. NoMan, one of Sink’s NOBO pals also showed up and we had fun hanging out together.

Thursday brought with it an attempt at walking and maybe even going to Portland for the day. That was abandoned quickly when the bus we wanted to take never showed up. So back to the house, for more conversations and together fun.

Friday was the beginning of Trail Days, an annual event held in Cascade Locks, with vendors and activities. Many many hikers showed up and the town looked like it had been overrun with Hobos for three days.

I did manage to get my faulty water bag fixed, picked up an adapter for my Sawyer filter (for easier cleaning) and I also bought a new backpack. 😁 No more giant ball on my back. I went down in size from a 55l to a 38l and I still managed to fit all my stuff. I guess I really have been packing too much fear. And the color is amazing.

One more crazy encounter happened on Friday, no actually two. The first happened during dinner with OnePiece, when suddenly the whole staff showed up at the table next to us, asking for a picture. It turns out that the actor who plays Vizzini in The Princess Bride sat next to us the whole time. Inconceivable! 😁

And later that night I encountered StrangeBird. Oh my god, I was so happy to see him. I first met him in 2014 at Mike’s Place in the desert, going on a crazy van ride on dirt roads. Funny how the trail turns back time.

On Saturday we said goodbye to OnePiece after breakfast…..so sad that she’s moving on already while I was still stuck with uncertainty on whether I would even be able to hike at all.

Hopper, NoMan, Sink and I went to the event area for a while and just hung out. So many people there. Hopper and I skipped out briefly for ice cream (Thank you Hopper 😘) before I went back to the event area to meet up with Corey.

Corey is a Physical Therapist and posted on Facebook that he would attend the event and would be happy to help with any issues hikers might have.

So he looked at my ankle, poked and prodded and shifted things. His opinion is that what’s causing the pain is either a burst bursa (painful, but minor) or I may have cracked my fibula (painful and major).

He said if the pain continues I should get an X-ray just to be sure. Well……

Corey also taped my ankle and then showed me some exercises.

Thank you so much!

In the evening we met up with some other hikers and had a good time at the brewery. A shortcut to the town leads you over some train tracks. Kinda dangerous for drunk people I dare say. 😂

I am still anxious about whether to hike or not……so I guess I’ll see how I feel in the morning.

Keeping you posted…

PCT Day 35: A hop, skip and 4 hitches away from the fire danger

Friday, 10 August 2018

White Pass (357.7) – Trout Lake (423.7): 0 miles / 389.5 total miles walked

I didn’t sleep at all last night. Partly due to the smoke and fire smell, partly due to noisy neighbors. So I woke up cranky. But the beautiful sky made up for any fatigue….and the nice guy working at the lodge who let me use the pool bathroom.

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PCT Day 34: Making it back to civilization, and more smoke

Thursday, 9 August 2018

Crag Lake Outlet & Tentsite (341.7) – White Pass (357.7): 16 miles / 389.5 total miles walked (+.6 to town)

So I was almost asleep when Sink says ‘Hey, wasn’t that Schllamanda?’, and of course we yell her name and she appears. She had to leave Surefoot behind, but she caught up to us. 😁 She set up her tent next to our site and I soon passed out from fatigue.

Waking up in complete darkness and packing up, this is becoming a theme. 😁 But it’s a town day, so Sink and I are all excited, getting a move on at 5 am.

First break was a few miles and a climb away, and by the time we made it there, the flies were out in force.

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