R2R2R – Day 3

My feet are tingling, going numb at times, and then itching again, all through the night. my calves are THROBBING. But other than that I sleep well, in intervals, with a soft breeze blowing through, at times too hot, and then cuddling with my puffy new quilt (which I absolutely ADORE). I did not set an alarm, waking up naturally with the sunlight, at around 6 am. Continue reading “R2R2R – Day 3”

R2R2R – Day 2

Being back on my sleeping pad, with a constant breeze around me, and the night sounds about, really messed up my sleep pattern. But I woke up relatively fresh at 5:30am and my feet were feeling surprisingly good.

Breakfast was oatmeal with dehydrated peaches and mango, which was alright, until I added powdered peanut butter…..and then breakfast was sublime…yum.

I headed out around 6:30 and the first 1.4 miles to the water faucet went by very quickly. Continue reading “R2R2R – Day 2”

R2R2R – Day 1

I really didn’t sleep well last night, woke up constantly…so by the time it was 4 am I got up to get going, even though my alarm was set for 4:30….ah well.

It was FREEZING outside, so I got to waer my fire-hydrant-red new puffy jacket 😀 . The drive up to the canyon wa uneventful and I found a parking spot at Bright Angel Lodge immediately. Since I’ll be coming out at the Bright Angel Trailhead (next to the lodge and therefore the parking lot) that worked out perfectly.

There’s a special hiker shuttle bus that takes us crazy people directly to the South Kaibab trailhead. And along with about 70 other people I got on the bus excitedly for the first view of the canyon.

Continue reading “R2R2R – Day 1”

Food Prep 101

…or ‘How trying to figure out how to feed myself in the woods almost broke my sanity (and bank account)’.

So….my vacation here in the US isn’t just for kicks and giggles, it is actually the prelude for my hike this summer. I have some wonderful friends who are willing to act as my ‘command central’. They have been accepting and hoarding packages of all the stuff I ordered over the last few months (mainly so I could avoid German customs and sales tax and shipping costs) and are even willing to ship out resupply boxes to me on the trail – making sure I don’t starve.

Well, in order for boxes to be there to be sent out, someone has to assemble them. Continue reading “Food Prep 101”