reveles romanum – 1

Soooooooo….. I needed to blow my Emirates free miles on something before they expire and since Emirates is partnered with EasyJet, I was able to grab a return flight to Rome for …… free ^^.

As anyone who has ever traveled with me knows – I do an absurd amount of research before I go anywhere….most of which I never end up using 😀

But it gives me a sense of security; knowing a rough plan of what I want to see and experience. And in case of transportation and free tours and stuff, it is really helpful to plan ahead.

So let’s get started with this story, shall we?

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Lisbon calling

Taking advantage of living near an EasyJet hub I headed to Portugal’s capital for a few days in February 2017. Over a year has passed since then and while I do remember the trip, the details escape me. So I’ll just rely on my travel journal from back then (yes, a PAPER journal 😉 *gasp*) and give you a glimpse of Lisbon in winter: Continue reading “Lisbon calling”