Measure me this…

So….as someone born and raised in Germany, I was taught from a young age to aspire to the typical German traits – punctuality, discipline, being diligent, hard-working and logical.

And with the last of these characteristics is where I hit a wall in certain environments…namely:

Systems of measurements

For me, whatever is measured, usually follows the same logical divisions, whether it be distance, weight, volume, you name it. And the division is DECIMAL – 1000g in a kilogram, 1000 kilogram in a ton, 1000 tons in a megaton, and so on.

I mean, it`s even right there in the name….KILO, meaning one thousand of something.

But then I get to the US (or even just into the blogging world of long-distance hiking :P) and I am copletely thrown for a loop. Continue reading “Measure me this…”