Food planning is much less fun than food eating…

As you know, I will be hiking the Pacific Crest Trail southbound starting some time in June or July…. I still don’t know exactly when I’ll be able to head out on this big adventure, because winter is still here and my start date depends largely on the amount of snow in Washington and how fast it melts off. I am hoping to start mid-June, but that seems rather optimistic.

As of today, the snow levels at Hart’s Pass are 130% of average…..which sucks. I can only hope for a VERY hot spring so it melts off quickly enough. The rule of thumb is that 2 weeks after the snow at Hart’s Pass reaches a level of 0, it’s safe to get going. Not completely snow-free for most of Washington….but safe-ish.

So I can’t really estimate on when I’ll be able to start….but what I CAN do is start planning for food. Continue reading “Food planning is much less fun than food eating…”