Fränkischer Gebirgsweg (Franconian Mountain Trail): Day 6 – 7

Day 6:     5 June 2018 – Kohlberg – Großbüchlberg – 24km

I slept really well and got going at a quarter to 7 on the quest for water. Walking on gravel again today….sigh…I made it to a small gurgling stream, barely visible, after about an hour and filled up on slightly murky water that I treated with my SteriPen. I am kind of still skeptical about this UV treatment’s effectiveness for water purification, but I guess sometimes you have to take something on faith, right? Continue reading “Fränkischer Gebirgsweg (Franconian Mountain Trail): Day 6 – 7”

Food Prep 101

…or ‘How trying to figure out how to feed myself in the woods almost broke my sanity (and bank account)’.

So….my vacation here in the US isn’t just for kicks and giggles, it is actually the prelude for my hike this summer. I have some wonderful friends who are willing to act as my ‘command central’. They have been accepting and hoarding packages of all the stuff I ordered over the last few months (mainly so I could avoid German customs and sales tax and shipping costs) and are even willing to ship out resupply boxes to me on the trail – making sure I don’t starve.

Well, in order for boxes to be there to be sent out, someone has to assemble them. Continue reading “Food Prep 101”