PCT Day 8: Onwards we march

Saturday, July 14 2018

Hart’s Pass (30.6) – Brush Creek (43.2): 12.6 miles / 73.1 total miles walked

We got up super early this morning to be able to hitch up to Hart’s Pass as soon as possible. PK was already making breakfast when I came down from the loft and I was able to shower and then have coffee and Mexican scramble (eggs, cheese, hamburger, topped with salsa and avocado).

We took some silly pictures outside and then shouldered our (crazy heavy with food) bags and went on our way.

It was so hard to say goodbye though….isn’t it amazing how fast strangers can become people you never want to leave? So to my perfect stranger, I hope I’ll see you again….

Sink and I got to the store at around 7:30 and bought one last soda and then tried hard to find a ride up to the pass. A lot of cars simply drove by, one old fart in a convertible made some rude comments and it took forever to find someone who would take us. Thankfully awesome people still exist, and one of those was Boo, who drove past us on her way to pick cherries and told us that if we were still there in an hour, she would drive us up. And sure thing, we were, and she did. Thank you so much Boo!

We started hiking finally at 11 am with 13 miles to go for the day. At first it was a pretty gentle climb with amazing views and only the tiniest snow patches. And then we go around a bend and who is there? Boo! She decided to take a short hike from a different trailhead and surprise us. So nice 😊

There is no water source between the pass and Brush Creek, and I only took 1.5l with me. So I pretty much ran out of water at the top of the climb. But since the rest of the way was all downhill it didn’t really matter. Or so I thought. The trail was very rocky again today and at the end extremely overgrown. I got very thirsty and made it to the creek just in time.

Actually I think we did pretty awesome today, covering the 13 miles in about 6 hours, which left enough time to set up camp, cook dinner and hang out for a bit. I really enjoy Sink’s company, hopefully we can hike together for a while.

I also had this shooting pain in my left foot at one point and now there’s a purple bruise on the sole of my foot exactly where the pain was…..hmmmmm….🤔

Tomorrow we might have our biggest day yet.

Keeping you posted…

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