PCT Day 10: Stehekin rush

Monday, July 16 2018

Rainy Pass Trailhead (61.2) – High Bridge Ranger Station (80.7): 19.5 miles / 110.6 total miles walked

Today was a race day. In order to make it into Stehekin at a decent time (while the bakery was still open) I had to catch the 3pm shuttle bus from High Bridge.

I woke up at 4:30 and after an annoying nosebleed started walking at 5:15. And didn’t really stop…

The trail was pretty uneventful and at times really annoying today. I had to cross the river on a log bridge three times and that was slightly scary….

I was almost running at times, always checking the time and my progress.

Which looked like this:

8:15 12.3 to go
9:15 9.6 to go
11:15 6.2 to go
13:15 2.3 to go
14:15 0.4 to go
14:30 made it

It was also burning hot today, 101¬į ūüėĮ which made hiking even harder. I ended up soaking my hat and washing my face in every cold creek I could find.

I also didn’t really eat much all day, making it to the bus stop on a candy bar and two fig newtons. Also the trail just before the finish line was going over one more hill and it was so annoyingly rocky.

When I came down, I did get cheers from Croc and Crappy, who had passed me earlier in the day. Crappy also saved me from starvation by making mashed potatoes with a lot of cheese…..so good.

I felt pretty faint and overheated on the bus, but getting pizza and a soda at the bakery sure helped.

We made it into Stehekin, which is situated beautifully on the shore of Lake Chelan. After registering at the Visitor Center and trudging up one last hill for the day I went down to the lake and jumped in wearing all my clothes. It was delicious. I swam out to a huge log where Crappy, Croc, Elsa and One-piece were already sitting and cooling off.

After a swim I went to the store for some Wi-Fi, letting people know I’m still alive and trying to keep up with blogging.

It was so hot that my soaking clothes dried within a half hour. The other girls did laundry and I threw in my panties and socks. Everything else is still OK after just two nights out.

A group of us ended up having dinner at the restaurant (Ceasar Salad and Fries) and then hung out until the stars came out.

It was a very challenging day, trying to push myself to the limit. I don’t need to do it again too soon though. ūüėĀ

Keeping you posted…

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