PCT Day 17: Sooo….how do you feel about doing a 22?

Monday, 23 July 2018

Reflection Pond (152.4) – Grizzly Peak (174): 21.6 miles / 203.9 total miles walked

This spoke Sink last night, and since we were both dangerously low on food, I guess it seemed like a good idea at the time. Pulling a 22 mile day after an 18 mile day…well.

I don’t remember much about today to be honest. I felt sluggish and queasy all morning, weaving from side to side down the trail. I started hiking at 5:15, met up with Sink at around 7:30 and gifted her some Pecans for her birthday.

Oatmeal for breakfast after 6.5 miles at 9:15, and the oatmeal helped a bit. Trail conditions varied greatly today, from soft, squishy wood paths to rocky, brushy, ankle-twisting annoying gravel.

Lunch at a creek, where two NOBOs were also taking a break, but not really talkative.

I looked at what food I have left to eat…..and it’s a little more than a thousand calories for 25 miles……not good. But it will have to do.

Sink and Deerbait showed up and Deerbait made some delicious Israeli coffee. That powered me up the next hill. 2.5 miles and 850ft elevation in 1:15h. Not bad. Sadly the effect wore off ūüôĀ

After that climb came a very rocky descent, a break for water and to soak my poor feet, and a last climb. That one I pretty much did only on willpower. I had no energy left, hadn’t eaten since lunch, and was just looking forward to stopping.

I finally made it to the top at around 7:30pm and quickly pitched my shelter. I also lathered myself in bug spray, which helped a little against the ferocious hords of bloodhungry insects.

For dinner (a Power bar and the last of my M&Ms) I received asylum from Deerbait. He not only shared his bug-free tent with me, but even let me have a few bites of his hot dinner. Thank you Deerbait! ūüėÄ

Tomorrow I will finally get back to civilization, a shower, and FOOD.

Keeping you posted….

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