PCT Day 19: Fake Bavaria

Wednesday, 25 July 2018

Dinsmore’s Hiker Haven (188.4) / Leavenworth: 0 miles / 218.3 total miles walked

Sleeping in the bunkhouse at the Dinsmore’s actually worked out pretty well. I woke up around 7 and then about 5 hikers stood around the coffeemaker trying to get it to work. On the end, it took boiling water in a pot and handfiltering a full pot of liquid gold.

Around 9 am Sink, Fuad and I walked to the highway and tried to get a hitch to Leavenworth, a town modeled after a kitchy version of Bavaria. Our first hitch could only take us part of the way and dropped us at an intersection. And then immediately, the next car stops and offers to take us the rest of the way. So awesome and generous.

It actually ended up being the husband of the receptionist that works at Steven’s Pass, where I picked up my resupply package yesterday. Trail connections are so random sometimes. ūüėĀ

Leavenworth is a very strange place. Modeled after a Bavarian village, but on steroids….like the Disney version of home. We went to ‘Der Sportsman’, an outfitter where I tried to find shorts…no luck though. I did manage to buy a headnet for Deerbait though.

We had lunch at the M√ľnchen Haus, polish sausage with Sauerkraut, potato salad and a pretzel. Well…….it was pretty depressing. The only authentic thing was the beer, which might have been because they import the malt and yeast from Germany. ūüėÖ

After the meal we walked in the heat to Safeway, getting some food. I picked up the most random assortment of things, like pickles, a soda, and a baguette…

I called up our nice driver from this morning and he was so incredibly generous. He actually drove us all the way back to the Dinsmore’s, refusing the offer of gas money. Thank you so much!!!

It was about 4 pm when we made it back and then we just lounged around and watched movies….and ordered pizza for dinner.

Successful zero day today. Back to the trail tomorrow.

Keeping you posted…

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