PCT Day 21: Solo slowly

Friday, 27 June 2018

Tentsite (192) – Tentsite (203.7): 11.7 miles / 233.6 total miles walked

I woke up a few times during the night and always there were swarms of mosquitoes around me. Thankfully my headset actually keeps the buggers away. At around 6 I packed up and got the hell out of there. The trail was pretty OK today and the mosquitoes weren’t always as bad.

I actually managed to take a few breaks, one of them by a nice little lake.

I walked really slow today, but that was actually just fine, since I didn’t have too many miles to go.

I didn’t see Sink today, not even when I took a really long lunch break.

At around noon I started to get worried and started asking people if they’d seen her…..but no-one had.

So I continued walking, hoping she just took a long break and would catch up later.

The ups and downs were all pretty manageable and by 2:30 I was almost at my destination for the day.

I saw a sign for a toilet (a thing not to be missed out here) and decided to find it.

Well…..I didn’t find the toilet, but I did end up at the edge of Glacier Lake, an absolute gem.

I decided to soak my feet and take a short break…and since the water wasn’t glacial, and I was completely alone in my little rocky corner, I ended up stripping and going for a swim.

So incredibly refreshing and freeing, I loved it.

By the time I had climbed back up to the trail it was an hour later and I was sure Sink must have passed me by now. But of the people I met and asked, no-one had seen her.

It took me another hour to climb to tonight’s camp, halfway up to Piper Pass. Hopefully less mosquitos tonight.

And hopefully nothing bad has happened to Sink and she merely decided to ditch me. Which wouldn’t be fun, but I guess that’s what happens eventually.

Keeping you posted…

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