PCT Day 24: If you ask for an angel….she will show up

Monday, 30 June 2018

Tentsite (241.4) – Snoqualmie (259.5): 18.1 miles / 289.4 total miles walked

Considering I was in such pain last night and pretty much squeezed in between the two tents on a slant, I slept well. I saw the sun rise this morning and packed up quickly. I tried hiking in my sleep pants at first, but that only made the chaffing hurt worse.

So after about a half hour I switched into my nasty stinky ripped hiking pants and tried not to aggravate the chafe. The climb today didn’t look too bad, but it took a lot out of me. I just couldn’t get a move on at all. And water was pretty scarce all day.

I put a bandaid on my left thigh for the chafing and it actually helped a little. I was able to walk/ hobble up the hill, but the climb took forever. And then the trail descended again and started climbing right after.

I was so done with today, I just wanted the day to end and get to town.

And then the talus started….and hamburgered my feet. For about three miles all I could do was just look down and try not to trip and kill myself or break a foot. It’s hard to walk on.

The views were incredible, at least in this part of the section. I love the mountaintop that looks exactly like John Goodman. Yeah, it was hot, my brain started to fry….

I took a break by a lake and chatted with some nice ladies and a group of section hikers. Had lunch finally and stayed for about two hours until 4pm, waiting for the heat to die down. I was still debating on whether I would make it to town or stay about 5 miles before.

Just after I crested the ridge I had phone service, so I got in contact with Sink. She did have to turn back, so it’s not surprising that no-one had seen her. But at least she isn’t injured and she is actually staying with Naked River. We texted back and forth and I told her about the chafe and the feet and how done I was and she actually managed to talk Naked River into driving to Snoqualmie that same evening, instead of in the morning like originally planned.

Oh my god, I can’t even explain the relief I felt. A ride, company and a shower in the near future to look forward to. Made walking the last few miles easier.

I made it to Snoqualmie by 7:30pm and walked the road to the brewery. I got a beer and sat down, finally. Relieved, exhausted and tired.

The two ladies I had met at the lake also showed up and ended up sharing their pizza with me, THANK YOU!

After about an hour, I hear Sink’s signature call…..and I was so happy to see her and Naked River. We stayed at the brewery for a few more beers and then drove back to Naked River’s house for a much needed shower and an actual bed.

So the hardest day in the section actually turned out to have the best ending. So grateful….

Taking some time off to heal the chafe and run errands.

Keeping you posted…

PS: I passed the 2400 mile marker today…10% of the trail is done. I’m kind of proud 🙂

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  1. Glad to see you made it to Snoqualmie Pass. We were there on July 2 and there was still lots of snow covering the talus. Having suffered through chafe before, something like Body Glide or A&D (oil based) will have you back to normal. Just be careful to avoid a water based moisturizer product, which will make your skin tacky after it dries and can make chafe even worse. The oil based products will stay greasy longer, and greasy cuts the friction, and friction causes chafe. You’re doing great. I love the blog and pictures.

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