PCT Day 34: Making it back to civilization, and more smoke

Thursday, 9 August 2018

Crag Lake Outlet & Tentsite (341.7) – White Pass (357.7): 16 miles / 389.5 total miles walked (+.6 to town)

So I was almost asleep when Sink says ‘Hey, wasn’t that Schllamanda?’, and of course we yell her name and she appears. She had to leave Surefoot behind, but she caught up to us. ūüėĀ She set up her tent next to our site and I soon passed out from fatigue.

Waking up in complete darkness and packing up, this is becoming a theme. ūüėĀ But it’s a town day, so Sink and I are all excited, getting a move on at 5 am.

First break was a few miles and a climb away, and by the time we made it there, the flies were out in force.

I only stayed for a few minutes to get water, and then took on the last climb of the day, after which it was all downhill.

At one point I passed the NOBO marker for 2300 miles, which for me means…..only 2300 to go. Crazy. I haven’t really made it far yet, somehow I feel so accomplished already.

I didn’t take a break today or stop, mostly because of the mosquitoes and flies, which were horrendous.

I made it to the road, Highway 12 at White Pass, by just after noon, tackling the road walk to the store with some heavy electronic music blasting in my ears.

The people at the store are really nice, they have some decent food. 7$ nuts you the use of the laundry facilities, although without loaner clothes. We’ll see how that work out.

Sink and I got some beer and food, I was able to make some phone calls and we passed the time in the shade behind the building. I also picked up my package and we walked a few yards over to the wooded area behind the lodge to set up our tents next to Surefoot. He had to stop his hike at the cabin and hitch a ride, because his feet were bothering him so much. It was nice to be reunited with him.

We’ll do laundry and showers tomorrow and then hike out along the fire detour. We’ll see how that goes.

Keeping you posted….

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