PCT Day 36: Rain on my parade

Saturday, 11 August 2018

Trout Lake (423.7) – Tentsite and Trailhead (437.9): 14.2 miles / 403.7 total miles walked

I had a pretty good night, except for one emergency run to the bathroom….I guess the cheese OnePiece left over wasn’t a good idea.

I packed up and walked to the store, where there was even free coffee. 🤤😀

We bummed around until about 9:30, assessing and reassessing food choices, walking that tightrope between caloric need and weight comfortable to carry.

At around 9:30 we saw some hikers loading their packs into the back of a truck, so we went over there and asked if we could also get a ride. The trail angel Gerry was nice enough to take all of us back to the trail, 13 miles away. It was a really fun, if cold, ride with Sink and OnePiece in the bed of the truck.

Gerry dropped us off at around 10:15 and I started walking…..and pretty much didn’t stop until I reached my destination, 14 miles ahead, at 5pm.

I only stopped to pee and to get water twice, and to meet up with Sink, after some confusion along the trail about who was ahead…..we ended up passing messages along in both directions. It all worked out fine.

The trail was nicely graded, only a few climbs to tackle, so I felt really good. I ended up dancing along the trail when my playlist put on ‘That old time rocknroll’.

It hailed for a few seconds, and rained off and on, and rained pretty hard when I finally got to camp. So I set up my tent in the rain, and then made some food to try and get warm.

Cascade Locks is less than 70 moles away, and I kind of want to make it there by Tuesday…..we’ll see if I make it.

Keeping you posted…

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