PCT Day 45: Stranded by a lake

Monday, 20 August 2018

Tentsite (514) – Wahtum Lake (522): 8 miles / 436 total miles walked

Everything was covered in dust and ash when I woke up, and I smelled the charcoal remains of the dead trees around me. It was still dark when I packed up (no more hiking out in the first light at 4:30 now), and we walked the first half mile with our headlamps.

Due to all the haze and smoke surrounding us, the sun appeared as a giant red fireball, and pretty much stayed like that all day.

After a decent climb the trail evened out and led through a burn area, which is somehow so soothing to me. I feel so at peace walking through all these charred remains, with black ash under my feet and the smell of charcoal around me.

Our meeting point for today was going to be Wahtum Lake and I made it there by 9:45.

I got on a log a little bit away from shore to fill up our water bags, because it wasn’t as muddy there. We both made some food and then just lunged around, contemplating life and everything in it.

I don’t know how it happened again, but I had such incredible chafing again, that I was really uncomfortable. I tried washing it with my bandana and putting some lotion on it, but after walking uphill from the lake to find a secluded spot to dig a hole, I was in pain….walking had become uncomfortable.

I talked to Sink about it, and since it’s only another 33 miles to our next resupply, so about 2 days, to Timberline Lodge, she was cool with just staying by the lake for the night.

So we set up camp at 11:30 in the morning….😂 and actually had an amazing time with a Nero (a day where you hike low miles) on trail.

We talked, listened to music, I took care of my chafe and got caught up on blogging. We’ll make up the miles tomorrow.

Keeping you posted…

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  1. Two things. Desitin Rapid Relief Ointment. It’s a 4oz. tube but it would be worth it if it weighed 4 pounds! Secondly, try to get a pair or two of long-legged compression shorts (like cycling shorts but without the padding). Friction is your enemy! Polyester, Spandex, etc., are your friends. If you’re wearing cotton undies, throw them away!

    1. 😂 thanks for the tips… I think my enemy are my big thighs and heat 😂😂 I do have a newer pair of shorts, we’ll see how they work out….

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