PCT Day 49: Dirt roads

Friday, 24 August 2018

Timothy Lake (574.8) – Dirt Road (591.3): 16.5 miles / 505.1 total miles walked

How is it that one day you feel invincible and strong and badass and the next day you feel like poop, sluggish, slow and totally inadequate? I guess the trail has this way of bringing me back down a notch and showing me that I’m just a tiny creature, ambling about in this vast open space.

It was a very cold morning, overcast and gray, with clouds threatening rain until midday.

I never really got a move on today, always feeling sluggish and my ankle hurt considerably. Still, I hiked.

A few miles from the lake where we had camped was a horse camp with toilets and trash cans, which of course we utilized to the fullest. We even hung out in one of the toilets for a while, because it was a lot warmer than outside. But of course, eventually we had to move on.

Another couple of miles in it was time for breakfast and since we found a spot with phone reception, that’s where we stopped. On a dirt road.

It was still really cold and when I checked the weather report it said that the current temperature was 44°F or 6°C. Brrrrrrrrrrrrr, it sure felt like it. I made some hot food, which helped a bit, and texted a friend back home. It’s so nice to find random spots of service out here. When you’re in town there is so much to do, there isn’t always time to talk to everyone you’d like to talk to.

After eating I quickly moved on, trying to get to the next water source, and warming up again by walking.

I made it to the water at around 1 pm and even though the sun had come out it was still chilly. I guess we’re moving towards fall in giant leaps.

I had some snacks, eating half of a chocolate square in one sitting, and then decided to keep moving. Sink left the decision up to me on how far we’d go today.

My ankle still hurt, but I didn’t want to stop after just 13 miles, not when we had originally planned to go 27.

Another stop for water after 2 mikes and then we found another dirt road with spotty phone service and decided to call it home for the night.

I made some dinner, and an ant was kind enough to take care of some Ramen crumb I dropped. It started to get cold again around 6:30 and I am currently huddled under my quilt where it is nice and cozy.

Hopefully, tomorrow my ankle will cooperate better and we’ll be able to make some miles.

Keeping you posted….

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