PCT Day 57: Where’s all the air in this air?

Saturday, 1 September 2018

Donner Summit (1499.2) – Five Lakes Creek & Tentsite (1516.8): 17.6 miles / 548.8 total miles walked

I woke up ready to hit the trail after a really good night’s rest. It was still a bit chilly out, but it was exactly the right temperature for the climb ahead.

As it is a holiday weekend, I was prepared for an insane amount of day hikers, but other than a few trail running crews, we pretty much had the trail to ourselves. And what a beautiful trail it was today.

After the initial climb the trail followed a ridgeline, giving amazing view after amazing view. I love it when I can actually see where I’m going and where I’ve been, it gives me a sense of perspective that I was missing in Oregon.

Although the climbs were again pretty gradual and should have been fairly easy, I was out of breath a lot. I think it really might be the altitude getting to me.

After about 8 miles we took a break at a nice flowing creek and I made some food. After eating I felt the need to go into the woods and answer nature’s call. There weren’t really any good spots, so I just picked one and started digging a hole.

Of course, exactly the moment I pull down my pants, a whole crew of trail runners comes by and of course they stop for a break right next to the spot I’m hiding.

So I was stuck next to the trail for a while, waiting for them to leave. Thankfully they did, not too long after and I was able to finish my business and get back to hiking.

Another few miles later I came to our camp spot and there were some really loud people there. Unfortunately, not everyone understands the concept of mutual respect and keeping the volume to a manageable level.

Sink wasn’t feeling too good, she hadn’t drunk enough water all day and turned in early. Sadly, the loud people didn’t tone it down, even when I asked them politely.

Hopefully at some point they’ll stop shouting at each other.

Keeping you posted…

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