PCT Day 69: JMT Day 6

Thursday, 13 September 2018

Mammoth Lakes: 0 miles

Even though the bed was comfortable, I couldn’t sleep. I woke up at 1 am and worked on the blog, tiring myself out enough to be able to go back to sleep by around 2:30. Woke up to the smell of coffee at 6.

One thing I can always count on, is that Sink will find coffee in the morning, no matter what. ūüėĀ

WE lounged around the motel until we had to check out. Then we lounged around the outside pool until Tom (a friend of Sink from Kennedy Meadows) picked us up around noon. He came up here for three days, just to hang out and make some food at the hostel. He was kind enough to reserve a room for all of us, allowing me to keep costs down while waiting for the post office.

Nothing much happened, other than hanging out with people at the hostel. Tom made some tritip for dinner…..not so much my favorite, but if someone cooks for you, you’re always grateful.

The others started doing Tequila and Whiskey shots, but I went to bed early to get some rest.

Keeping you posted…

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