PCT Day 71: JMT Day 8

Saturday, 15 September 2018

Red’s Meadow (59.2) – Creek (60.3): 1.1 miles / 652.6 total miles walked

I woke up early again. According to tracking, the package had left Bakersfield at 1am this morning. Well….I guess there was still a chance then, to finally be able to get it.

I felt so anxious all morning, not really knowing what to do or where to put myself. Tom packed up and left at 9, leaving us with Guino…..who kept talking and talking and talking.

I tried to tune him out as much as possible, but the filth that comes out of his mouth is hard to ignore.

At 9:57 I received an email that my package had made it to the post office. 😱

So Sink and I took a little walk and I knocked on the closed door, as instructed. And lo and behold……it was actually there. After more than two weeks, I finally received my warm sweater….and other stuff.

WE hitched a ride back to the hostel to get our packs and then hitched up to Red’s Meadow.

WE Are Dome mediocre food at the Café before forcing ourselves to hike out. My pack felt so heavy and the deep sand didn’t help, making my ankle pretty angry.

WE both weren’t feeling it today and stopped after just a mile at a water source.

Keeping you posted…

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