PCT Day 75: Am I done?

Wednesday, 19 September 2018

Manter Creek & Tentsite (1959.1) – Somewhere next to a tree (1972.3): 13.2 miles / 678.9 total miles walked

I woke up in the dark, around 5:30, while it was still pretty cold. I did manage to hike out in shorts though, anticipating the hot day ahead. By the faint glow of my headlamp, I made my way up the 2000ft climb. Soon, it was light enough to see, even though the sun didn’t quite reach my freezing fave and legs yet.

The morning climb pretty much stayed along the ridgeline, and you could always see what was up ahead. The next water source was a good 10 miles away and we made it there in time for an early lunch break.

It wasn’t the best water source, but in the desert, you make do with what is provided.

My ankle and foot had bothered me again this morning and it is getting increasingly difficult to ignore the pain and just push through it.

After lunch we set out again, fully loaded with water, adding another six pounds to my pack. That only made my ankle angrier, even though the first two miles were all downhill. The flies that kept divebombing my eyeballs also weren’t improving my mood.

They say never quit on a bad day….but what if you can’t remember when what you are doing was good? When the majority of the day just seems like a chore, rather than the amazing experience that it actually is?

I reached a very low point today. It was hot, I was in pain, and the remaining 30ish miles to the next resupply were pretty much waterless, meaning a very heavy water carry ahead.

I trudged uphill again and almost cried, because I was just so exhausted, mentally and physically. I came upon Sink, and shared what I was going through.

She had her own difficulties to contribute, and we sat there for a while in the shade of a tree, not really knowing what to do.

I think I might be done, right here, in the middle of nowhere, sitting in the shade of a nondescript tree…..which is very unremarkable, but also just fine.

I feel okay about it. I mean, I love hiking, and I love this trail, but I also have the feeling that there is something actually wrong with my foot. An while I am slightly disappointed in myself for not making it the whole way….I still crushed almost 700 miles.

So we ultimately decided that this was it….and turned around. We backtracked to a dirt road and as luck would have it, were able to hitch a ride with Ali, a wonderful woman, who opened up her home to us stinky hikers. Thank you so much for everything Ali!

It is amazing, how mundane things progressed, having a shower, doing laundry, figuring out my next steps.

I don’t think I’ve fully realized yet, that my journey on the PCT is actually over. That’ll take a while…

So for now, I am signing out. Thank you for following along. I’m sure, the future holds many more adventures, and I can’t wait to see what’s coming.

Keeping you posted…

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  1. It is sad to read that the PCT was the victor …. this time …
    So, thank you for sharing the tale of your adventure, it was a pleasure to follow, as I (quietly) did. Good luck for whatever is next on your journey.

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