PCT Day 1 : Well….I guess I’m actually going to do this thing

Saturday, July 7 2018

Mile marker 2620.93 – Mile marker 2625.93: 5 miles / 5 total miles walked

Alright boys and girls…..I made it to the beginning. Finally 😄 After a few plane rides, two days in a car and a lot of anxiety, I can at last start walking.

J and J dropped me off at Ravensongs Roost in Mazama, which is an amazing place. There were a few people there who have already tagged the border and will be on their way south soon.

Although I originally planned to stay the night and head out in the morning, Broken Toe was driving up to Hart’s Pass in the afternoon and I decided to go for it.

There were a few sketchy parts along the gravel road, but we got there safe. Broken Toe is a guy living in his van who when he’s not out hiking himself is providing trail magic. So I got my first piece of magic before I even started walking. 😁

It was pretty bumpy, so I held on to one of his plants and the crystals hanging from the rearview mirror, watching the road climb and the scenery get more beautiful by the second. It is absolutely gorgeous out here.

It took us almost an hour to go to Hart’s Pass, where I was able to stash half of my food for this section. The ranger was a really nice guy and we chatted briefly. Apparently there’s about 30 people ahead of me to tag the border, and they all left food at the Ranger Station. Also, there has been a rescue up here recently where a guy fell and broke several bones, and to get him out they had to use a military helicopter…😧😨

I’m so glad I waited for the snow to melt a bit more before heading out.

Broken Toe took me up a bit further and I finally got to set foot on the trail at 6 pm. Back on the PCT after 4 years….and it felt like home. ♥


fter a brief climb I was pretty much cruising along for a few miles, water and wildflowers everywhere.

It’s pretty cold up here still, but it’s supposed to warm up this week. I sure hope so…

After almost 5 miles I got some water and stopped at a campsite….where I promptly soaked myself, because the damn water bladder kinda exploded…it’s great for getting water out of a stream because of the large opening, not so great for transportation.

So I set up my tent and changed into dry clothes. For dinner tonight I had mashed potatoes with mushrooms, broccoli, chicken and Parmesan. Pretty tasty. 😋

It is now almost 10pm and absolutely freezing cold. I am wearing my down jacket and a hat and gloves, just hoping I’ll be able to sleep.

Keeping you posted.

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