PCT Day 4: To the border

Tuesday, July 10 2018

Mile marker 2646.42 – Monument 78/ Canadian Border +

Mile 0 – Mile 11.4: 15 miles / 41 total miles walked

It started drizzling in the evening and then rained a lot all night. Everything was soaking wet and cold in the morning. We still decided to make the run to the border and then reassess the situation when we got back.

Wearing my rain jacket and pants over my usual hiking clothes, we set out at 7:15 on a steady downhill path which was heavily overgrown. Since it was still drizzling everything got soaking wet within a few steps. That’s what hikers call walking through the car wash…..*humming*

Walking with a minimal pack on felt really great and we made really good time. When I got the first glimpse of the border I started squealing and bouncing down the last couple of switchbacks.

It felt so trippy standing there, the exact mirror image of the southern monument where I had stood 4 years before….but being in a completely different place.

We spent about an hour at the border, taking pictures and sharing Lucky Strikes border beer. Then I finally started the real journey south.

The wildflowers are so beautiful up here, it is unreal:

I made it back to my stuff at noon, changed out of my wet clothes and had some oatmeal for lunch.

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