PCT Day 5: Backtracking

Wednesday, July 11 2018

Mile 11.4 – Mile 27: 15.6 miles / 56.9 total miles walked

I slept surprisingly well considering we camped next to snow and there was a freezing wind all night.

Polka Dot had the plan to set out at 7:30 at the latest, but Sink and I somehow managed to make it out before her, at around 8:15. We backtracked down the switchbacked into the valley and back up the other side to Rock Pass. Most of the snow patches had melted enough to reveal the trail underneath. Even the big one where I used my Microspikes on Monday was almost gone. I did see some deer tracks in the snow which was pretty cool.

After Rock Pass and one last look at this enchanted valley far from any civilization, I headed down to the meadow where we had camped on Sunday.

After a short break in the sun for some type of food (we’re all eating the dregs of our supplies) it was more downhill and then a huge uphill.

I met a lot of people still heading towards the border, not many going in my direction. I seem to be in this weird bubble between the two herds. 😂

I managed to meet up with Sink for lunch (my last savory meal) and then continued on the uphill. I almost don’t remember that section of trail. Maybe I was so overwhelmed with everything else that this part of the way to the border didn’t stick in my mind. One thing I do remember is the ice bridge I had to cross, which is almost collapsed now. Pretty freaky how fast the snow goes and how much difference a few days make.

Polka Dot had the goal of mile 27 and I made it there by 6:30pm. I kinda wanted to make it to Hart’s Pass today, but my feet are probably better off with staying here tonight. After having wet feet all day yesterday and some very rocky, rough trail today, I am feeling sore….

Tomorrow I can finally pick up the food I left at the Ranger Station and maybe even get a ride down to Mazama for a shower. It took 2 days longer to hit the border than I thought and I STINK. Actually not so much me, but my clothes absolutely reek.

Keeping you posted…

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