PCT Day 12: Welcome to the magical forest of giants

Wednesday, 18 July 2018

High Bridge Ranger Station (80.7) – Cedar Camp (90.3): 9.6 miles / 120.2 total miles walked

I woke up at around 5 and finally managed to get a hold of my mom. We couldn’t talk long, but at least she knows I’m alive ūüėĀ.

At 8:15 most of the hikers in town got on the shuttle bus, saying goodbye to Naked River (and Stehekin), eagerly waiting for the 10 minute stop at the bakery.

As soon as the bus stopped we descended on the baked goods ranging from cinnamon rolls the size of your head to giant savory croissants.

I got a day old lemon bar for half price, a croissant filled with pesto, mushrooms and cheese, and a slice of pizza, for ~10$. The croissant was honestly the best thing I have eaten in a long time. So yummy.

When we got to the trailhead at High Bridge there were already people waiting for the ride back to town. I finished my croissant, packing the rest for later, and headed out. Almost everyone was gone already, they’re all so crazy fast.

I was feeling the heat, the heavy pack, and my still sore feet. But I just took it slow, not having a deadline is better for me.

The trail led upward and into the Glacier Peak Wilderness. So far, it is a magical, enchanted forest of giant trees and miniscule orchids. I really enjoyed the scenery today.

There were also a few log bridges to cross and a few downed trees to climb over. I met up with Sink at the 10 mile mark and we decided to stay here for the night. It’s a beautiful spot next to a raging river, so water and ambient background noise should ensure more than the average 4 hours of sleep I’ve been getting.

It is 7 pm right now and I am exhausted. My phone almost smacked me in the face a moment ago, because I’m laying on my back and falling asleep while typing this.

I had the heaviest food items in my pack for dinner (Pasta Alfredo with veggies, Parmesan and chicken) so hopefully my pack will feel slightly better tomorrow for more uphill.

Keeping you posted…

PS: I saw a tiny watersnake and found a hidden toilet in the woods….ūüėÄ

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