PCT Day 13: Don’t drop trou in the middle of the trail / Little furry visitor / Attack by shoe

Thursday, 19 July 2018

Cedar Camp (90.3) – Tentsite mile 109.4: 19.1 miles / 139.3 total miles walked

I actually slept like a log…..until I was jerked awake in the middle of the night by some creature with tiny feet walking up my arm (I was sleeping on my stomach with my arm outstretched). I jerked my arm and flung the little furry away. I think it was probably a Chipmunk, it sure felt bigger than a mouse.

Some time later the same thing happens, only with the creature walking in the other direction. So annoying.

In the morning I discovered that I had forgotten a half-eaten Butterfinger in one of the pockets I have on the shoulder straps of my pack. Of course, instead of going into the opening and dragging the candy bar out the little furry jerk bites through the entire side of the pocket to get to the candy.

Annoying, but also a lesson…..never, ever forget to put everything edible or smelly away from your tent. And so far, the Ursack is doing its job of protecting my food from little gnawing teeth.

Most of today was taken up by a 10 mile climb up to 6000ft elevation. Sink went out first, I was struggling a bit to get moving.

I finally started walking around 5:45 and just after a few minutes I go round a tree (actually the trail does, I was just following it) and come upon a woman with her pants down. IN THE MIDDLE OF THE F*ING TRAIL.

I think she was trying to replace her tampon with a new one, but whatever she needed to do, is it too much to ask to NOT do that where other people are walking?

So that started off my morning…..the trail was pretty uneventful again. Overgrown, with wet stinging plants, all uphill. After about 4 miles I came to my first major creek crossing.

I took out the insoles of my shoes, took off my socks and waded through the river in my shoes. The water was freezing cold and came up to my knees in places, with a pretty strong current. But I made it successfully across and on the other side I put my insoles back, dry socks on, and continued walking uphill.

The sun finally came out and I caught up to Sink 5 miles into the uphill. We took a break in the sun, I made an oatmeal breakfast and coffee, which was actually delicious and helped me get up the rest of the way.

After one more creek crossing (barefoot this time since it was short and my shoes had just dried) I sat on the other side to put my shoes back on when Sink tossed her shoes across the creek, so she wouldn’t have to carry them while fording. And she almost hit me smack in the head with them…..both times 😅

After a few more hundred feet, some cute frogs on trail, a bit of snow and one more hidden toilet in the woods, we all made it up to the top and had a nice lunch break.

On the way up we had come upon the mile 100 SOBO mark and it was kind of cool seeing it.

After lunch we hauled ads downhill to the campsite we (Sink, Nate, Deerbait) had agreed to camp tonight, making it there by 7pm. Just enough time to make dinner, have a nice set together and now it’s time to sleep.

Hiker midnight has passed and I am still writing….alarm goes off at 5 tomorrow since we are only planning on going 15 miles.

Another day, another climb, more awesome scenery (hopefully).

Keeping you posted….

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  1. That click you took of the little “waterfall” running downhill thru the forest… could have been Norway as well. Quite the versatile scenery on the trail, waowwwz!

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