PCT Day 29: Escaping the vortex and receiving trail magic

Saturday, 4 August 2018

Snoqualmie Pass (259.5) – Mirror Lake (268.3): 8.8 miles / 298.2 total miles walked

I did sleep reasonably well, and we all kind of woke up around 7. I took a shower, organized unpack and had some of Naked River’s delicious zucchini bread. And then some real breakfast food around an hour later.

We were just about to check out and who do we run into? Fuad, who I have last seen at the Dinsmore’s. The trail works out that way.

Around 10:30 Sink and I managed to escape the vortex that is town and actually started hiking. Uphill….

It wasn’t that bad. At first my feet were suspicious, like, ‘Oh no, we’re doing THAT again?’, but then I actually felt pretty good. The climb was decent and we made it to Mirror Lake by 4 pm.

There were so many people around, it was crazy. Loud, obnoxious kids, tons of dogs and boozing adults. It was overwhelming at first, but we found a sunny spot and had a nice long break.

Which turned into us actually camping at the lake shore…..without bugs.

We received two beers from random strangers, as well as a fresh avocado and some protein bars. Trail magic! ūüėĀ

The avocado was soooo good. Especially because now I don’t have to carry it. ūüėÖ

Surefoot and Schllamanda never showed up though, maybe they decided to stay another night. Hopefully we’ll see then again.

Keeping you posted…..

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