PCT Day 52: Decisions

Monday, 27 August 2018

Salem, OR: 0 miles

We went to REI in the morning, I got a new hat and some different shorts. Hopefully that will help with more ventilation and less chafe. So now I’m part of the shorty shorts crew. 😎

Sink and I talked over every available option and finally settled on a skip of a few hundred miles. The High Sierra Nevada is one of the most beautiful and also most challenging section of the entire trail, and with the weather turning to fall temperatures, we might not be able to hike it, if we kept going on a straight path.

The solution? Rent a car, drive down to California and jump back on trail close to the Sierra. Sink found a really good deal on a car, and since she knows someone in South Lake Tahoe, the destination for our road trip was set.

So we’re skipping a few hundred miles….but since my ankle pretty much took me out of the running for a complete thruhike, I’ll just go with the flow and enjoy the time I have left on trail until I have to go back home.

So the rest of the day was spent just hanging out with SimonSays, and then in the evening I got a special treat. I was able to enjoy my first Shisha in about 6 months. We went to a hookah lounge in town, even though it looked more like an activity room for teenagers. The shisha was really good though. Orange Mint with some extra menthol thrown in, and some mint tea to go with it.

For the first time in a few days I felt the anxiety draining away. We had a plan, I am not done hiking just yet…and I am happy to keep going and just take things as they come.

Keeping you posted….

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  1. Decisions have been made indeed. Glad you chose your health over your ambition, my lovely. I’m sure your adventure will still be awesome, since you took the pressure off your shoulders and now can simply enjoy your time. You don’t need more pressure anyway 😉 :*

    Big hugs to you girls!

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