PCT Day 55: Back on track….ish

Thursday, 30 August 2018

Donner Summit (1495) – Donner Ski Ranch (1499.2): 4.2 miles / 531.2 total miles walked

Finally, after a few days off, a long drive and some more organizational stuff taken care of, I get to go back to hiking. Dan and a friend of his, Jamie, gave us a ride to the trail, close to the town of Truckee.

On the drive there they shared a lot if information about the lake, for example that it is 22×12 miles large with a depth of 1600ft at its deepest point. It holds the second purest drinking water in the world after Lake Baikal.

They dropped us off at a rest stop on I80 and after puttering about for a while we hit the trail again. The terrain was typical California hiking, dry, dusty, rocky, and incredibly beautiful.

I don’t know why hiking felt so incredibly hard today. The trail really wasn’t challenging, but I felt nauseous and out of breath the entire time.

We made it to Donner Summit and the ski resort by 1:30 pm and headed to the grill for some free beer.

After hanging out at the bar for a while, having some food and some good conversation with locals, we decided to camp close by and called it a night.

Keeping you posted…

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