PCT Day 54: Getting ready

Wednesday, 29 August 2018

South Lake Tahoe, CA: 0 miles

We used the last few hours of having a car to pick up some groceries and getting one last free refill. Around 11 we returned the car and then sat in the sun, enjoying the nice warm weather.

San picked us up in his van and treated us to some awesome Thai food. Thank you so much Dan, for everything! 😃

In the afternoon Dan went sailing on the lake and was nice enough to let me drive the van. I went to the post office, dropping off my resupply package for Mammoth Lakes.

After that errand, Sink and I had some Caesar salad and watched some movies until around 10 pm.

Another night on Dan’s comfortable couch and then we head back to the trail.

Dan is kind enough to let us stash our bear canisters and some more food at his place, so when we finish this 100 mile section we can head back to his place and pick that up. That saves us from having to carry the stupid bear canisters until we absolutely have to. Those things are heavy.

Keeping you posted….

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